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Customer Charter

Company policy is geared towards the customer, we treat every person in a fair, open and honest way. Whether it's to supply the odd hot water bottle or 20,000 hot water bottles, everyone can be assured that their needs are handled in an open, honest and ethical way. This extends to the way the Love Hot Water Bottle web site is designed and the way it's operated.

Delivery policy

Since all courier companies and post charge for their services our ethical policy is show how much it costs to send a hot water bottle via post or courier. Rather than disguise the delivery cost by including it in the retail price under "free delivery" our customer charter is to make that information available so the customer can view the true value of the product. Many competitors supply a low value budget product, add delivery cost to give a full delivered price which masks the reality of the budget product. We prefer to show the real cost and let the customer decide.

Free extra's

We don't add free banners and misleading discount stickers to hoodwink shoppers into fake sale offers. Many of the "special offers" seen in the high street are budget items specially manufactured for the budget market and then sold with a fake sale banner. Fake sales are already under investigation, trading laws have been strengthen to catch stores that misled shoppers with fake offers. Some operate pop-up web sites that here today and gone tomorrow. Our ethical policy is to give the best discounted web rates across the whole range of high quality hot water bottles and offer the best value all the time.
For real sale items see our end of season sales, these are genuine sale reductions on top of our web discount rates.

Pricing policy

Always check apples for apples, we grade product quality according to its manufacture to accurately describe what will be purchased. Why label a budget item as 'quality' when at first inspection it will be evidently clear all is not as it seems. Customer satisfaction is high on the Love Hot Water Bottle agenda, we want you to love your purchase and return to buy more hot water bottles and pass the good news on.

PO Box?

Before dealing with any new company it's best to look at the postal address, if a PO Box number check it's not just a mail drop. Also worth noting if they have a UK registration number, if not UK law may not protect you? Good reliable UK companies do not hide basic company details, easy to check to give peace of mind. Recent changes to UK and EU law to catch dubious traders requires web sites to include contact telephone, full postal address and company registration number.
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Our minimum 1 year warranty covers hot water bottles, covers, heat pads, microwavable hot water bottles should anything go amiss with the production quality. Many of our hot water bottles carry a 3 year warranty. Our customer care charter is there is protect the shopper at all times with any service or product from the Love Hot Water Bottles web site.

For press information please see hot water bottle press enquiries page.