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Q. What is the difference between a PVC hot water bottle and rubber bottles?

A. For anyone with an allergy to rubber (latex allergy) a PVC hot water bottle is the ideal options. The latest PVC hot water bottle is also Phthalate free (a must for children), odourless and can be steam sterilised and recyclable. A rubber hot water bottle is traditional type and has been around since 1903 and still going strong with many customers preferring a traditional bottle.

Q. Are all rubber hot water bottles the same?

A. The short answer is no, as with most things in life you get what you pay for. A budget rubber hot water bottle is manufactured with lower rubber content than a standard classic hot water bottle. Hard to spot the difference since they all look identical, but a budget hot water bottle will have chalk and chemical fillers added to bulk up, look for a white powdery feel and chemical smell. With fillers taking the place of natural rubber, budget bottles will wear out much quicker and need replacing more often and in the long run cost more than a good quality bottle. This is the main reason why we only supply good quality rubber hot water bottles. Worth also remembering that rubber is a good insulator and why budget bottles struggle to match heat retention.

Q. How safe are your hot water bottles?

A. New stocks of hot water bottles are QC tested to the very latest BS 1970:2012, and carry a minimum 2 year warranty and 3 year warranty. We do not stock budget generic hot water bottles as the low rubber content on budget bottles produces a very ineffective bottle with added leakage problems. For peace of mind and a good night's sleep it's worth investing in a well made hot water bottle that is up to the job. Read more on hot water bottle safety information.

Q. What is the delivery time and cost?

A. Standard Royal Mail to UK postal addresses is just £1.99 no matter how many items are ordered. Stock items are dispatched same day, any items temporarily out of stock will be dispatched when new stock arrives at no extra cost. For express service please select either Royal Mail Express at £4.99 or service at £9.25 to UK mainland address, deadline for courier booking is 3.30pm and post by 5.30pm.
For EU, USA and all non EU countries please see our delivery page for details on how to buy.

Q. Can I return anything?

A. We understand sometimes the item might be the wrong colour or size and not quite right. As long as it's unused, returned in good condition in it's original packaging you can simply post it back using our FREEPOST label for a full product refund. Full details can be found at Return Policy.
If replacing an old hot water bottle please see information page on recycling.

Q. I have a coupon code, how can I use it?

A. For those on our mailing list with a coupon code please add your items to the shopping basket and simply sign in the normal way. The coupon code will activate once signed in, if using express check-out the code will not work.
For new customers please go to new customer to sign in to activate your code.

Q. I can't find the bottle I want?

A. Our lines change all the time, if you have seen a hot water bottle product and now it's vanished the chances are it's been replaced with a new product. Ranges change with new colours, styles, shapes and textures before the new season (around September) and smaller changes as the season progresses. If you have an old bottle and want to replace on a 'like for like', the item may be out of production. Hopefully we can find something better, if you need help please call on 01793 613900.

Q. I want to send as a gift?

A. Just tick the box for gift receipt and your order will be sent without any values or totals. The invoice will show goods but not the cost or shipping. Gift wrapping is not currently available.