Long Eared Puppy

Long eared donkey hot water bottle with 750ml traditional latex rubber bottle inside. Cute smaller size for handy use and easy to carry around when needed. Velcro opening at the back gives easy access the 750ml rubber hot water bottle tucked away inside. A grey donkey coloured hot water bottle with long fluffy grey ears with pink detail and fluffy black tuft of mane.
Unique design, makes a great gift or just treat yourself!

New for this season of animal hot water bottles.


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  • •   Manufactured to British Standard 1970:2012

  • •   2 Year Manufacture's Guarantee

  • •   For 3 years and upwards

  • •   Washable and easy care

  • •   Size: Length 40cm x Width 30m

  • •   Weight 400 grams

  • •   750ml rubber hot water bottle

  • •   0.7 Litre capacity

Reviews for Long Eared Puppy

  • Sandra - Thursday, 16th November 2017

    Lovely little hot water bottle, bought as a gift

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