Filling Stand

Very useful filling stand for holding hot water bottles. Simple to use and ideal for anyone that needs a steady hand or help in filling the bottle correctly. Clear Perplex stand with a stopper holder allowing the user to keep a steady hold of the bottle and fill to the correct level.
Place stand on a level surface, take the stopper off and either slot into the ready made stopper holder or set aside. Slot the hot water bottle into the stand and fill as per instructions on the bottle. Expel surplus air and replace the stopper before removing the bottle and it's ready to use.
Made by Fashy of Germany but will fit most regular sized hot water bottles. To read more see hot water bottle safety information.
Sorry, product has been discontinued by manufacturer.


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  • •   Holds a standard hot water bottle

  • •   Built-in stopper holder

  • •   Simple to use

  • •   Use on a flat surface

  • •   Size: Length 26.5cm x Width 19cm

  • •   Weight: 510 grams

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