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Based in UK we are Love Hot Water Bottles with the largest and most loved selection for all the family. It all started in 2003 when online shopping was in its infancy and I happened to be looking for something to ease a pulled muscle. In the middle of summer not a single high street shop had any in stock, only chemist but they stocked just one, a dull green bottle that looked like something from the 1940’s and been sitting on shelf all that time gathering dust.  I was so put off and decided that something had to be done and if nobody else wanted the challenge then perhaps this was my mission.  We started with a small good quality selection including a Fashy PVC hot water bottle and slowly grew the range over the coming years.  Adding microwave, cherry pips, rubber, TPU, silicone and eco biodegradable plastic into the ranges.  Now with one of the largest ranges worldwide and 18 years later the internet with increased broadband speed has caught up with us and given access into the homes of millions of people around the world to see the huge leap forward in designs, styles, fashions and most importantly safety. We ship the best quality hot water bottle to every part of the UK and reach Australia, US, Canada and even the tropics.  To keep up with the latest trends our ranges change all the time, new types, colours and sizes are arriving all the time, materials and colours now match fashion homeware trends.  To accommodate the larger ranges we moved into our Cricklade warehouse in 2005 and then to Marston Masey in 2009 and again we had to move to even larger premises in Swindon in 2016.  Now after all these years flying solo we see other shops playing catch up, it’s good to see customers getting to choose where to buy, even if it’s only in the winter months.  As the pioneers and champions for the humble hot water bottle we are kept busy all year around, nobody these days wants to wait and why should they, we’re here 12 months of the year.

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  1. I appreciate that you have a very large and the best range of hot water bottles available. I find it difficult to see which ones, out of all those shown, are the plain and smoothest of the rubber type (certainly not a ribbed one). Could you please assist by describing or telling me where I can see one on your web pages?
    asap please.

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