Has the world gone mad, my hot water bottle has changed shape?


Yep, it’s happened, we can no longer expect the good old fashioned hot water bottle shape, they now make them in all shapes and sizes, what’s going on?

We all knew where we stood with a good reliable rubber hot water bottle in blue, green or if you dared to dream even red. Then along came pink, turquoise, cream and even mustard. Just get used to those then some very clever people in Germany develop a thermoplastic hot water bottle. OK, so these are nicer colours and even transparent but they then make some in heart shape – cute.

Heart Hot Water Bottle

To add to the confusion somebody decided it would interesting to have a hot water bottle in miniature, yes a mini hot water bottle. Then along came square shape as apparently they are easier to use with soft toys. In this case you get a soft toy like a teddy bear and place a hot water bottle in its belly. What happens when that bottle wears out, and it will as it’s made of rubber (perishable) so you’re left with your child’s favourite soft toy and no bottle in it. So we have to have a square hot water bottle to replace it now or the little angels will never forgive you.

square 750ml purple hot water bottle
Purple square 750ml hot water bottle

Suddenly out of nowhere everyone has gone long, why do we need another shape? Not only is there a long hot water bottle but some are longer than others, that’s confusing. The cut down versions in discount stores are short long (I know it doesn’t make sense) to get discounters to their low price point. The full length ones hold the same amount of water as a standard bottle. The cut down long bottle has less than half. Forget the cut down long bottle as these are only for the discount guys and don’t really add anything except a budget price tag on a long bottle that is not long and kinda misses the point. The real reason for a long hot water bottle is to wrap it around your waist or spread it out inside the bed, diagonally. That gives the full benefit, anything else is just a cheat and really a waste of money as it falls short of what you can do with a proper long hot water bottle.

Ecru long hot water bottle
Ecru  Long Hot Water Bottle

So has it now settled down, well no? Eco warriors want an eco bottle. The same guys that brought us all a thermoplastic bottle have now developed an eco hot water bottle made from cane sugar crop. Sort of the same shape as a traditional bottle but rigid and slightly smaller, has a different feel to it. No plasticisers or PVC used and made with the Finneck Foundation providing a safe work place for people with disabilities.

Green Eco bio based hot water bottle
Green Eco Bio Based Hot Water Bottle

With all the changes what hasn’t change is people, the best selling type of bottle is still the good old traditional shape and the question is why? The classic hot water bottle shape is universally known around the world, it packs a mighty 2 litre of hot water which is enough to last inside a bed all night without going stone cold. Easy to carry, fill and cuddle up to when you need instant heat, what’s not to like, young and old alike.

We’re running out room with all the different sizes, types and colours, everyone wants choice these days and who are we to argue, if you want it we’ll just have to find room for a bigger hot water bottle range.

Humble Hot Water Bottle Has Evolved

So you may think the headline is crazy having looked in the local supermarket only to see the same old hot water bottle on display. But, and there is always a but, with online shopping things have changed a great deal.  Take a look at Love Hot Water Bottles and you’ll see exactly what has happened, the old types and ranges have evolved! Gone are the dull green or pale lilac hot water bottle found in the high street chemist shops or hardware stores.  Over the last 15 years new production techniques and materials have expanded the capabilities, we now have neoprene or how about a velour with printed horses or even intricate heart shaped with tiny embossed hearts in the fabric, the options are endless.  Today colours are matched to bedroom décor and latest trends in fashions are used in the fabric design. Of course we still have something for granny and who would not want to take care of granny with a good old fashioned traditional rubber hot water bottle.  These will always be around in good traditional colours and some nice Royal tartans, who can resist a proper Scottish plaid.

Coral Latex Free Hot Water Bottle

Coral Latex Free Hot Water Bottle

Choice has never been better with more and more colours, styles, types and sizes coming into the market each season.

The newer colours on rubber have arrived with soft pastels and rich deep purple making bold statements. Big changes have happened by using thermoplastic which have the advantage of being either transparent or just about any shade or texture desired. With a transparent hot water bottle you can see exactly how much water is inside and some even have very clever fish (not real ones!) that change colour when the temperature is right. These are very clever, ideally suited for children or the vulnerable as once the fish change colour you can see the water is the right temperature.  When it cools down the fish change colour again and everyone can see when it is cold.  The shapes that PVC moulds to is ideal to make all sorts of colours and textures, even heart or a football shaped hot water bottle.  They can be any colour you like, the factory will select the latest colour trend and generally offer 10 different shades each year in 10 different styles and another 10 different finishes, as you can see this offers real choice for customers.

Then there are the hotties, microwaveable hot wheat bottle. Now very popular and the choice is even bigger with animal ones proving to be the favourite with kids.

Of course these don’t replace traditional types but it does offer more options, it’s not always handy to carry a hot water bottle around so microwavable ones are ideal. Another reason for using heat wraps is the ease of use, not everyone is good using water especially hot.  An unsteady hand might benefit from using wheat microwave wraps.  Some are scented with lavender or vanilla, harder to find are unscented heat wraps as not everyone appreciated the aroma of lavender.

Want something for the kids, the choice has never been better. So many fun cuddly toy warmers that just keep changing every season. For this year see our kids hot water bottle range.

Most are padded and made to snuggle up to and stay as warm as toast. Generous in size to accommodate a 1.0 litre hot water bottle they warm up quickly and keep going long into the night.  Many double up as a pyjamas case when not used in the summer and can also be a soft toy for kids to play with.  Favourites have always been the teddy bear in every size and colour, over the years we’ve seen many fads and different soft animal character merchandise but the teddy bear remains the one thing kids just want to cuddle up to on a cold winter night.

So, still think things have not changed?
For us hot water bottle fans we just can’t wait to see what is coming next.