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2.0L Red Single Ribbed

Plain on one side with ribbing on the other, this standard size 2.0 litre red natural rubber hot water bottle offers the best of both worlds.   Ribbing on front with a plain smooth stipple pattern on the reverse giving the best of both worlds.   The ribbed side gives natural diffused heat and when needed turn over to increase the warmth on the plain side for increased warmth that will last for hours.   The perfect combination for keeping warm and toasty on a cold night.   Standard size for a perfect fit if you already have your own cover or choose a new one from our range including our Made in Britain, we have padded, fleece and cotton mix.

Natural rubber not only heats up quickly but is a sustainable renewable product that is highly elastic and lends itself to mould with you, ideal to snuggle up to keep warm or for therapeutic relief.   Worth remembering that a good quality rubber hot water bottle will not only keep it's heat much longer than budget or non-rubber alternatives but it is also warmer to the touch with a pleasant feel.   These are great value for money, made with high rubber content for longer life and better insulation.   Extremely safe and reliable, manufactured to exceed British Standard BS1970 and backed with a 2 year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind.

Great value for money, better than supermarket pricing for a high quality bottle for longer life and better insulation.   First added to 2014 winter season catalogue of single ribbed hot water bottle ranges and continues to be a staple seller.   Latest news, stocks are low and will run out very soon.   Don't leave it too late.

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  • Question:  Is this fragranced? I am allergic to fragrance so if it is please tell me which ones are fragrance free. Thank you

    Answer:  This bottle is made using latex so will have a rubber smell. There are two sorts of rubber hot water bottles, one made from virgin, new rubber and the other from recycled rubber. This one is manufactured to British Standard using new rubber and has a slight rubber smell which will diminish with use and over time. The recycled rubber type add strong pungent perfume as recycled rubber is an unpleasant smell, lets off a real pong. By adding perfume it masks the smell but it still smells odd and can cause clothing bedding and anything it touches to have that odd smell. For totally odour free take a look at our PVC or latex free hot water bottles, these are completely odourless.




  • •   Manufactured to exceed British Standard 1970

  • •   2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

  • •   Recyclable high grade rubber

  • •   Traditional Natural Rubber

  • •   Single Ribbed

  • •   Size: Length 32.5 cm x Width 20 cm

  • •   Weight: 390 grams

  • •   1.8 litre capacity

Reviews for 2.0L Red Single Ribbed

  • Ian - Monday, 21st March 2022

    Not a nice colour, very patchy with black marks, looks almost grubby but still new. Sending this back for a better quality hot water bottle

  • kerry - Thursday, 23rd September 2021

    bought 2 , stays hot, keeps my feet warm.

  • Brad - Thursday, 22nd October 2020

    vary good hot water bottle

  • Reese - Sunday, 12th January 2020

    This has been a lifesaver keeping me sane with my sciatica. Gets much to hot to use straight away, tried using less hot water but I'm not getting it right, either it's too cool or I get a boiling hot bottle. For now I just let it cool down before using it.

  • Hugo - Friday, 18th October 2019

    Fine, just a hot water bottle to repalce my old one.

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