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2.0L Pink Crystal Star Latex Free

This pink standard size 2.0 litre hot water bottle is made from phthalate and latex-free PVC.   Odourless and rubber-free, ideal for anyone with a latex allergy.   Raised crystals pattern on one side with a cross hatch pattern on the reverse side giving the best of both worlds.   Ribbing gives diffused heat and when needed turn over to increase the warmth that will last for hours.   This regular sized pink crystal design can be used on its own or with a cover if you already have your own cover or choose a new one from our range of Made in Britain.   Having both a pattern and plain side gives the optimum choice to take away the chill and keep you comfy and warm that last for hours.

This Fashy hot water bottle also has a much wider neck opening making it easier to pour and helping to prevent spills and has a jointless neck for added strength.   Fashy have been manufacturing in Germany since 1976 consistently improving their exceptionally high quality thermoplastic hot water bottle, now used in homes around the globe in over 70 countries.   Beautifully made with excellent craftsmanship, comfort and safety for everyday use backed with a two year warranty.   Manufactured to exceed British Standard BS1970, conforms to CE and ISO 9001.
Very striking design and pink colour with a soft sheen that bounces light within this unique crystal star design in brilliance fade proof colour.   Quite different to traditional rubber and with a quality feel to it.

New season pink colour for this year which can change each season to keep up with home decor trends and fashion colours, Rose is the latest updated colour to the 2015 hot water bottle catalogue.   Latest news, stocks are low and will run out very soon.   Don't leave it too late.

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  • Question:  Can I get a spare stopper for this hot water bottle?

    Answer:  We have spare stoppers for our entire hot water bottle range, the stopper for this bottle is the one marked Fit Fashy Only, they are shipped in twin packs.


  • Question:  Has this hotwater bottle a star pattern on both sides of the bottle or just one front side?

    Answer:  The crystal star pattern on this Fashy hot water bottle is on the front, the other side has a plain cross pattern. The reason is the plain side of the hot water bottle will be hotter to the touch than the crystal star side, this allow a choice when using by flipping from one side of the bottle to the other.




  • •   Manufactured to exceed British Standard 1970

  • •   2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee, ISO 9001

  • •   Latex allergy free, odourless and recyclable

  • •   Can be steam sterilised

  • •   Large easy fill opening prevents spilling

  • •   Size: Length 32 cm x Width 19 cm

  • •   Weight: 300 grams

  • •   1.8 litre capacity

Reviews for 2.0L Pink Crystal Star Latex Free

  • Linda - Tuesday, 3rd November 2020

    Best looking hotwater bottle ever, had many over the years and would definitely not be without one now.

  • George - Sunday, 1st March 2020


  • Mish - Friday, 10th January 2020

    Nice item, easy transaction, happy with purchase. Will buy from again!

  • Gail - Thursday, 3rd October 2019

    I'd been thinking about getting one of these for a while as my feet ache at night after a long day at work, just changed jobs which means I now stand for 4 hours a day.!! This bottle looked really nice and it's just even better than I expected, I fill it up using a kettle of boiled hot water as the instructions tell you, it gets really hot and sheer bliss on my feet. Usually fill it again just before going to bed and tuck it under the sheets to keep me going until the morning. At the moment I can't live without it, if I could change anything it would be my job and get one sitting down again.

  • Suki - Sunday, 9th June 2019

    I heated up the hot waterbottle and put it on my stomach to use relief on period pain. It has been wonderful for healing, also comfort too.

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