2.7L Large Red Bottle With Handle

Large 2.7 litre rubber hot water bottle with handle in red, one of the best and fastest selling colours, always a popular choice.   Using traditional rubber with ribbing on both sides gives diffused natural warmth that lasts for hours, heats up quickly for instant warmth, ideal to snuggle up to on a cold winter night to keep the chill away.   The largest we stock comes with a very useful carrying handle, generous size and much larger capacity than standard size for wider heat area and with high rubber content giving greater protection.   Because it is on the large size it will stay warm for longer giving out plenty of natural heat.   Both sides are ribbed giving diffused warmth that gently releases heat that lasts for hours, long into the night.

Rubber is a sustainable natural renewable product that is highly elastic and lends itself to mould with you, perfect to cuddle up to.   Worth remembering that a good quality rubber bottle will not only keep it's heat much longer than budget and non-rubber alternative but it is also warmer to the touch with a pleasant feel.   These are great value for money, made with a high rubber content for everyday use in the home or on the move.   Extremely safe and reliable, manufactured to British Standard BS1790:2012 and backed with a 2 year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind.

Supplied without a cover, please note the handle will not fit over a standard sized cover.   New addition for 2015 winter season large hot water bottle catalogue.


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  • Question:  Can I buy this in locally, are there any stockist in the Leeds area?

    Answer:  Many shops only stock during the winter months but none stock a full and complete range even at Christmas. You will find just bulk standard in shops locally, sorry. The main reason is space, supermarkets will not stock a full range of hot water bottles preferring to offer a value bottle in single colour. Chemists shops are limited on space and again they only stock one or two hot water bottles and these tend to appeal to the older market. Stocking latest designs and fashion lines can only be achieved online as we can accommodate the space and keep the ranges refreshed, up to date and ensure they are to British Standard.


  • Question:  What is the measurement from bottom to shoulder.

    Answer:  From the bottom to shoulder is 30cm to the very top this large hot water bottle is 36cm, width is 22cm.




  • •   Manufactured to British Standard 1970:2012

  • •   2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

  • •   Recyclable high grade rubber

  • •   Traditional Natural Rubber

  • •   Ribbed on both sides

  • •   Size: Length 36cm x Width 22cm

  • •   Weight: 550 grams

  • •   2.5 litre capacity

  • •   EAN 5025230496398

Reviews for 2.7L Large Red Bottle With Handle

  • Tyler - Thursday, 13th February 2020

    Well worth the money. Had the bottle for 3 weeks now and used every night in my bed keeping my legs warm. Need to boil the kettle twice to fill, took more hot water than my old bottle to fill and is a fair weight when full. Awesome product in terms of size and quality, would not go back now.

  • Fiona - Friday, 7th February 2020

    Wanted a big hot water bottle and this is the biggest i found. This first thing is it made of thick rubber, the handle is a good ideal and it takes a full kettle to fill up. Kept warm until morning, I get up at 7am, my old one was cold at that time. Overall I would say this is a good big bottle and would buy again.

  • Trevor - Friday, 31st January 2020

    Found this searching for a big hot water bottle to relieve my arthritis, cannot fault it, stays hot a long time.

  • Mel - Thursday, 9th January 2020

    What more can I say it does the job and there are no leaks. I would definitely buy this again.

  • Gordan - Wednesday, 11th December 2019

    Big fan of hot water bottles for years so intrigued to find one as big as this. Had this a week now and it does a decent job, good price, pleased all respects.

  • Ann - Sunday, 27th October 2019

    This hot water bottle is wonderful, It stays warm all through the night.

  • Leo - Saturday, 17th August 2019

    Never arrived but a second was sent which arrived safely and now in use.

  • Nic - Monday, 1st April 2019

    WOW, big bottle and speed of light delivery.

  • Peter - Tuesday, 19th February 2019

    Bleibt lange heiß und ist gut.

  • Philip - Thursday, 7th February 2019

    Repeat purchase- good quality item.

  • Mitch - Tuesday, 15th January 2019

    Really big and sturdy and stays hot a long time, Just what I was looking for but nobody stocks these now.

  • Leo - Friday, 4th January 2019

    I am very pleased with my purchase well worth the money would recommend it to anyone.

  • Alex - Wednesday, 3rd October 2018

    Sturdy and large.

  • William - Tuesday, 12th June 2018

    Good service, shipped to US, arrived well packed.

  • Liam - Saturday, 17th February 2018

    Decent size and good buy, already have a big cover which fitted perfect, ideal for staying warm a long time.

  • Ken - Saturday, 16th December 2017

    This is great, stays warm all night. It was so good I bought another two. Get one if you like hot water bottles.

  • David - Thursday, 5th October 2017

    Lovely big hot water bottle, smaller ones are just not for me.

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