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2.0L Lilac Rubber With Handle

Dusky pink rubber Coronation hot water bottle with a useful and sturdy handle.   Ribbed on one side with a plain pattern on the reverse side giving the best of both worlds.   Ribbed side gently releases diffused natural heat and when needed turn over to the plain side for increased warmth that will last for hours.   The perfect combination for keeping warm on a cold night.   Natural rubber not only heats up quickly but is a sustainable renewable product that is highly elastic and lends itself to mould with you, ideal to snuggle up to keep warm or for therapeutic relief.   Great value for money and made with high rubber content for longer life and better insulation.

Worth remembering that a good quality rubber hot water bottle will keep it's heat longer than budget or non-rubber alternatives.   This hard to find rubber bottle with handles also has a 3 year manufacturer warrantee for peace of mind, manufactured to British Standard BS1970:2006.   Generous in size ensures a wider heating area and better heat retention.   This shade of pink is new for this winter 2012 season, colours can change to the reflect latest trends.   Ships bottle only, due to the large size and handle this bottle will not fit a standard cover.   Latest update these Coronation products have been discontinued and replaced with even larger 2.7 litre giant hot water bottle in red, cream or blue.

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  • Question:  Does the handle hold the weight of the the water inside the bottle?

    Answer:  The handle is designed to hold the all the water inside the bottle. It should be pulled, overfilled or swung around as this could cause damage to the rubber structure.




  • •   Manufactured to exceed British Standard 1970

  • •   3 Year Manufacturer Guarantee, ISO 9001

  • •   Recyclable High Grade Rubber

  • •   Traditional Natural Rubber

  • •   Ribbed on One Side

  • •   Size: Length 37 cm x Width 20.5 cm

  • •   Weight: 420 grams

  • •   2.0 Litre Capacity

Reviews for 2.0L Lilac Rubber With Handle

  • Denise - Sunday, 21st March 2004

    Easy to use, nice carry handle helps to fill and empty. Good size as I use a bottle mainly for my feet and this gives plenty of space to move my feet about as it can get very hot.

  • Pierre - Tuesday, 10th January 2004

    Leaked less than a year, aviod

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