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750ml Cream Rubber

Small hot water bottle 750ml size in buttermilk cream manufactured in high quality natural rubber.   A good safe colour for any occasion, part of our classic old school ranges, even the stopper has a rubber seal.   Handy size for when you need some warmth on the move or when all that is needed is a small heating area to warm up the joints and banish the cold.   Perfect small size to fit into a handbag, briefcase or carry around for work when on the move in the car or on long journeys.   Using traditional rubber with ribbing on both sides gives diffused natural warmth that lasts for hours, heats up quickly for instant warmth, ideal to snuggle up to on a cold winter night to keep the chill away.

Rubber is a sustainable natural renewable product that is highly elastic and lends itself to mould with you, perfect to cuddle up to.   Worth remembering that a good quality rubber hot water bottle will not only keep it's heat much longer than budget or non-rubber alternatives but it is also warmer to the touch with a pleasant feel.   These are great value for money, better than supermarket pricing on a high quality bottle made with a high rubber content for everyday use in the home or on the move.   Extremely safe and reliable, manufactured to exceed British Standard BS1970 and backed with a 2 year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind.   Supplied without a cover, can be used on its own or with a cover if you already have your own or choose a new one from our range of Made in Britain, we have a selection of fleece, padded and cotton mix.

Cream buttermilk first added to our 2015 small hot water bottle ranges in 750ml square size, a difficult size and colour to find in today's mass market products.

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  • Question:  Is the length calculated from the very top or just from the part that holds the water, the "neck area"? Many thanks

    Answer:  Measurement of the hot water bottle is taken from the very top of the stopper to the very bottom. Each page has specifications listed under a tab, just open the tab to see full details. There are quite a few different shapes and sizes, some bottles are more square and others oblong in shape plus we have the new long hot water bottles. Most 2L size are a standard shape and size, please note that 2 litre is the measurement of liquid but a category size, always leave a gap when filling and expel any air out. The 2 litre size is nearer 1.8 litre and is the right size for a standard cover to fit.


  • Question:  Hello, I was just wondering if you have a rough idea on when you will have new stock in of the cream 750ml hot water bottles (the ones without covers). Many thanks, Karmann

    Answer:  Many thanks and sorry to keep you waiting for new stock. The reason the cream hot water bottles come in and out of stock is the way they arrive. The factory supply these is mixed cartons, 4 colours in each carton. When we have a rush on one colour it puts an imbalance on stocks so we need time to draw down stocks on the other colours before they we can bring in more stock. Cream 750ml are not due until later this year, at this time of year hot water bottles sales will slow down. We have a 1.0L cream hot water bottle that arrives with just red or cream, these are easier to restock as they sell equally well and cream a plentiful.




  • •   Manufactured to exceed British Standard 1970

  • •   2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

  • •   Recyclable High Grade Rubber

  • •   Ribbed Both Sides

  • •   Size: Length 24 cm x Width 15 cm

  • •   Weight: 210 grams

  • •   0.7 Litre Capacity

  • •   Made in China

Reviews for 750ml Cream Rubber

  • nick - Thursday, 13th June 2024

    well worth the money, good bottle.

  • Vinny - Thursday, 23rd February 2023

    Years ago I bought two hot water bottles from a low cost company and they leaked so as I now I only buy from here. Always excellent, fast, reasonable price for a decent hot water bottle, they are fine.

  • Jack - Thursday, 22nd December 2022

    Great little bottle, well worth the money.

  • Kim - Wednesday, 28th September 2022

    Small and just right for my new puppy, she loves her hot water bottle, so cute :)

  • Ant - Friday, 6th May 2022

    awesome, thank you:)

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