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Pleasure Pad Click Heat Pad

Warm up aching or cold joints with this pleasure click heat pads, keeps you warm for an hour, ideal to take the chill off with just a click of the button.   Great for those with shoulder or neck chills and needing a quick and easy boost of heat to warm them up.   Very handy for travel or when on the move, ideal for camping or glamping.   Pleasure heat pad contains a small metal disc inside the pad floating within the gel, just flex the disc to activate, you should hear a " click-click " sound.   The heat pad will immediately start to warm up, to soften just knead the heat pad a little and mould into shape as it heats up.   Once activated the pleasure click heat pad will generate a dry heat of 55 °c.   The amount of heat generated would not cause burn marks or scold and very safe use when some extra heat is needed.   They are often used for therapeutic uses on muscles for relief.   Generous size for placing in the right spot.

They are safe to use time and time again as long as the heat pad is not damaged or punctured.   To reuse just simmer a pan of water and drop the pleasure heat pad in, use a cloth to prevent the pad sticking to the pan.   Bring the pan to the boil until the crystals inside the heat pad melt, it will turn clear.   Check and make sure all the crystals have cleared, if any remain solid place back into the pan until all crystals are clear liquid form.   Full instructions are included with each click heat pad.   Great for those with a frozen shoulder or need a quick and easy boost of heat to warm up.

New addition for 2010 winter season catalogue of click heat pack.

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  • Question:  Could you please let me know how much they were

    Answer:  These heat click products are discontinued a long time ago, sorry but pricing is no longer applicable.




  • •   2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

  • •   Can be reheated thousands of times

  • •   Stay warm for 2 hours

  • •   Quick and simple to use

  • •   Size: Length 36 cm x Width 13.5 cm

  • •   Weight: 950 grams

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