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2.0L Green Rubber With Handle

Emerald Green 2.0 litre traditional rubber hot water bottle. Very useful handle, ribbing on front for defused warmth and plain on back for more intense heat. Manufactured to British Standard 1970:2012 in traditional rubber. Backed with a three year guarantee for peace of mind and only possible due to the exceptionally high rubber content and reliable manufacturing process.
Slightly longer and wider than found on the shelves in supermarkets and high street, this traditional hot water bottle gives a wider heating area for added comfort.
Ships bottle only, please note the handle will not fit over a standard hot water bottle cover, for one that will fit see Designer Hot Water Bottle covers for a perfect fit.

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  • •   Manufactured to British Standard 1970:2006

  • •   3 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee, ISO 9001

  • •   Recyclable High Grade Rubber

  • •   Traditional Rubber Bottle

  • •   Ribbed on One Side

  • •   Size: Length 37cm x Width 20.5cm

  • •   Weight: 420 grams

  • •   2.0 Litre Capacity

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