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Hottie Large Heat Pack

High quality microwave heat pack filled with organically grown rape seed that is thermally treated to retain a hygienic and natural product.   Generous in size for ease of use around the body providing warmth and heat in the right place.   Simple to heat up in a microwave for a quick and easy treatment that can used time and time again.   Cream towelling cover is easily removed to machine wash for safe and hygienic use and is Oeko-Tex tested and certified to be clear of any harmful substances to ensure a pure and eco-friendly product.   Fleece has always been a popular fabric, soft and warm to cuddle up to and not only maintains heat but also evenly disperses heat that lasts for hours.   Ease the stress of the day, simply pop in the microwave following the instructions supplied to heat and wrap this unscented hottie around your shoulders to help unwind and relax.   Very popular use for muscle cramps and circulation and ideal use for relaxation or for heat therapy.

Fashy have been manufacturing in Germany since 1976 consistently improving the exceptionally high quality microwaveable heat packs, now in the homes of over 70 countries around the globe.   Exquisitely made with excellent craftsmanship, comfort and safety for everyday use to warm up or relax and ease the stress of the day.   Manufactured to exceed British Standard BS8433:2004, conforms to CE is ISO 9001 and backed with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.   Simple to use, safe and an ideal alternatives to traditional rubber bottle to avoid any risk to scolding with hot water making it suitable for the young or old.   Supplied ready to use, please follow instructions included.

New cream colour to our winter 2008 season of microwave hot wheat packs.

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  • Question:  This said it is large, would it fit in a smallish microwave oven?

    Answer:  For a normal size microwave oven this heat pack will fit, for small ovens it can be folded over to fit the size, always check timings on the heatpack instructions to get the best results.


  • Question:  How long does it stay hot for?

    Answer:  These microwave heat packs will heat up to a comfortable heat. How long they stay hot depends if used inside or outside and if used under cover in bed. Generally they would last up to 3 hours under normal use and can be quickly reheated.




  • •   2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

  • •   Manufactured to CE Standard

  • •   Can be reheated thousands of times

  • •   Removable wheat linen bag

  • •   Washable and easy care

  • •   Size: Length 50 cm x Width 17 cm

  • •   Weight: 900 grams

  • •   Made in Germany

Reviews for Hottie Large Heat Pack

  • James - Thursday, 17th August 2023

    Took this to my twin brother who has a sports sprain across his shoulder, I had the same thing last year and it helped me. I want it back - after he's washed it!!

  • Jill - Tuesday, 8th February 2022

    I am very happy with this, very easy to use for my nan. thanks

  • Mark - Tuesday, 8th June 2021

    Good size.

  • Irene - Tuesday, 24th November 2020

    Arrived safely - many thanks

  • Jeff - Monday, 17th August 2020

    This one is very large, had heat packs before but nothing as big as this. I took me a few weeks to get use to it but now I like the weight of it, feels comfortable, use it around my neck to help with a frozen shoulder.

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