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Glove Pad

Designed and manufactured to fit like a glove, these click heat pads will keep your hands warm for an hour, ideal for long walks to keep the chill off.
Great alternative to a traditional hot water bottle or when access to hot water is not available.   Handy to keep a pair of these gloves in the car to warm your hands on frosty days, pads will keep your hands warm as toast while the car heats up.
Great for those with cold hands that need a quick and easy boost of heat to warm them up.
Click heat pads can be reused by dropping into a pan of hot water to reset the crystals, they can reused time and time again.

New addition for 2010 winter season catalogue.

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  • •   2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

  • •   Can be reheated thousands of times

  • •   Stay warm for 2 hours

  • •   Quick and simple to use

  • •   Size: Length 16.5cm x Width 11cm

  • •   Weight: 220 grams

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