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This stopper is a replacement stopper for our range of classic rubber pink, cream, blue and purple hot water bottles in 2.0 litre size and 750ml size.   It will not fit any other size, type or colour of bottle that is on Lovehotwaterbottles.   We stock a very large range and not all have the same stopper, these use a rubber washer, many these days are supplied without a rubber seal.   If your bottle does not have a rubber seal this stopper will not fit.   Please note stoppers must be like for like for a perfect fit, they may all look the same but they are not a generic fit.   Thread sizes vary between different brands of bottles so even though the opening may be similar the thread must also match exactly.   If you know the brand name of your bottle it is best to search for an identical replacement or go back to shop or seller from where it was purchased from.   Many manufacturer's patent their design of stopper preventing others from using the same design, the moulds are specific to their brands so only the correct stopper will fit perfectly.

It is recommended to change a bottle every 3 years, if the stopper is worn there is a very good chance there will be also wear and tear inside which could present itself at a later date.   Rubber is perishable and will wear out from the inside out, look for any thin patches around the belly of the hot water bottle and if feels thinner and much hotter it would be best to invest in a new bottle.


TWIN PACK - Colour may vary.


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  • Question:  Which stoppers do I need to replace 0.5 l rubber hot water bottles.

    Answer:  Choose Fit Our Rubber Bottle Only stopper for 0.5 litre and one litre bottles made up to 2018. From June 2018 the mini and small 1 litre bottle move to stopper without a rubber seal. These are small than the other stoppers and will only fit those bottles. Our 2.0 litre rubber bottles will still have a rubber seal.





  • •   Fit Our Rubber Hot Water Bottles ONLY

  • •   Will NOT fit other makes

  • •   Diameter Size: 24mm

  • •   Size: Length 4.3cm x Width 4cm

  • •   Weight: 10 grams

  • •   2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

Reviews for Fit Our Rubber Bottles Only

  • Lisa - Sunday, 19th August 2018

    Good service although wrong size, got refunded after chatting to helpful lady.

  • Jon - Friday, 16th March 2018

    Fitted OK

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