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Navy Single Pouch

Keep your toes cozy and warm with this navy foot warmer slipper that contains a regular size rubber hot water bottle inside, all packed in a clear gift box. Single pouch to put both feet in, keeps toes warm as toast with plush deluxe padded fleece, hot water bottles slides underneath compartment. Good quality rubber hot water bottles keep their heat much longer than budget bottles and non rubber alternatives.
Washable cover with Velcro opening to fill the hot water bottle.
Suitable for up to UK 10 shoe size, not designed to wear when walking.


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  • •   2 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee

  • •   Up to UK shoe size 10

  • •   Easy fill with Velcro opening

  • •   Fully enclosed cozy toes

  • •   Large easy fill opening prevents spilling

  • •   Size: Length 36cm x Width 28cm

  • •   Weight: 500 grams

  • •   2.0 Litre capacity

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