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2.0L Blue Rose Bows Cover

Blue rose padded cover, pastel blue poly-cotton material with tiny blue roses printed on both front and back, features matching bow tie, an ideal size to fit a standard sized two litre hot water bottle, perfect for snuggling up to with its comfy padding.   Top opening to access the bottle inside that allows easy access to the stopper to fill up safely without removing it.   This blue rose bows padded cover is manufactured here in the UK, we use only the best quality material and quilted padding that is easy care, fully washable and durable.   Amazing value for a quality British product, as these are locally made each batch is unique giving a slight pattern variation when cut and sent to the seamstress.

Padded covers offer better heat retention and insulation, very soft and warm to cuddle up to and not only maintains heat but also evenly disperses heat that lasts for hours.   Good quality covers help prevent a hot water bottle being too hot to touch and offer more varied options and different ways to keep warm.   Always best to have a good fit for comfort and it's why we build in some stretch so the fit is not too tight but loose enough to handle with ease.   The materials from the mills change frequently, we can't guarantee they will be in stock for long, often we change colour and designs several times each year and with most new materials coming on stream at the beginning of the winter season.

Update the cover for your bottle or why not choose a new one from our wide range of traditional rubber or the latest latex allergy free in PVC made to exceed British Standard BS1970.   Range of other padded covers are available in both standard and small sizes, please note this does not ship with a hot water bottle.

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  • Question:  I am looking to replace a cover my auntie made, it is very similar to this one but has a rope tie, the fabric is almost identical. Could I send a picture and have one made to fit my hot water bottle? Thank you

    Answer:  These are made for us to a set pattern by the factory, the seamstress would not be able to change the pattern. Before they go into production we test within a rubber hot water bottle to make sure the size and ease of use works. Making just one would be best done at home on a sewing machine, there are loads of free patterns available online, I am sure you will find a pattern that would fit your hot water bottle.




  • •   2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

  • •   Washable, easy care

  • •   Size: Height 37 cm x Length 21 cm

  • •   Weight: 100 grams

  • •   Fit a regular 2 litre

  • •   Padded Cover

  • •   Made in Britain

Reviews for 2.0L Blue Rose Bows Cover

  • Angela - Sunday, 10th March 2013

    Looks nice and home made type with quilted lining just like my sewing lessons in school, very happy with price paid for it.

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