Tan Tartan Hot Wheat Bottle

Good sized microwaveable hot wheat bottle in tan plaid with compression stitching to evenly distribute the wheat.   Compression stitches ensure an even consistent level of heat around the neck and shoulder area for complete relaxation.   Ease the stress of the day, simply pop in the microwave following the instructions supplied to heat and snuggle up with this unscented tan tartan hottie to help unwind and relax.   Very popular use for muscle cramps and circulation and ideal use for relaxation or for heat therapy.   Made in Britain in luxuriously soft fleece and filled with an unusually generous 700 grams of unscented wheat.   Traditional fleece covers have always been a staple classic, soft and warm to cuddle up to and not only maintains heat but also evenly disperses heat that lasts for hours.   Good quality covers help prevent the heat pack from being too hot to touch and offer a more comfortable way to keep warm.

Quality guaranteed, this tan tartan microwave hottie is manufactured to the highest specification here in the UK to British Standard BS8433:2004 and covered by a 2 year guarantee.   Amazing value for a quality British product, as these are locally made each batch is unique giving a slight pattern variation when cut and sent to the seamstress.   The materials from the mills change frequently, we can't guarantee they will be in stock for long, often we change colour and designs several times each year and with most new materials coming on stream at the beginning of the winter season.

Ideal alternatives to traditional rubber bottle and very safe to use and avoids any risk to scolding with hot water making it suitable for the young or old.   Simple to heat up in a microwave for a quick and easy treatment that can used time and time again.

New addition to our microwave hot wheat bottle.


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  • Question:  Do these have a smell of lavender?

    Answer:  These are unscented heat packs to allow adding your own fragrance if wanted. Not everybody enjoys the scent of lavender so by adding your own aroma or leaving it unscented we can offer more options on how to use your heat pack. Most fragrances wane over time and use, when heated in a microwave the scent is strong but will weaken each time the heat pack is used. Always follow the instructions to refresh and these heat cushions will last many years.




  • •   2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

  • •   Manufactured to BS8433:2004

  • •   Can be reheated thousands of times

  • •   Fragrance Free

  • •   Size: Length 32 cm x Width 23 cm

  • •   Weight: 700 grams

  • •   Made in Britain

Reviews for Tan Tartan Hot Wheat Bottle

  • Glynn - Friday, 2nd June 2023

    Just as expected, had one years ago from a shop in Glasgow, don't see these around anymore now.

  • Amelia - Wednesday, 22nd June 2022

    Bought this to replace mine that split open, sewn it up a few times but gone beyond repair now. Fabric is much thicker now, must have changed, heats ups staying lovely and warm. This one is good, a good buy.

  • Dawn - Thursday, 9th September 2021

    Good price and good size, just as expected, cheers.

  • Fredrick - Wednesday, 7th October 2020

    Really lovely warmer! I bought it for myself to help with my muscles after an injury. Exactly what I needed.

  • Andy - Wednesday, 4th March 2020

    very impressed with this

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