Stoppers and Accessories

A selection of the most popular accessories, spares and stoppers for our range of hot water bottles. Before ordering a stopper check the brand name and type of hot water bottle to compare with the stoppers listed below. Not all stopper are generic, some are a specific fit to a brand and size of hot water bottle. Measurements for all stoppers are listed, just open each page for more details.

Please check and double check sizing before ordering - stoppers are not generic.

  • Fit Our Rubber Bottles Only Add to Basket

    Fit Our Rubber Bottles Only

    £5.00 £4.50

    This stopper is a replacement stopper for our range of classic rubber hot water ....

  • Fit Coronation Bottle Only Add to Basket

    Fit Coronation Bottle Only

    £5.00 £4.50

    This stopper is a replacement stopper for Coronation brand of rubber hot water bottle only.
    Stoppers must be like for like for a perfect fit, this hot water bottle stopper is NOT a generic fit. ....

  • Fit Fashy Only Add to Basket

    Fit Fashy Only

    £5.00 £4.50

    This stopper is a perfect fit for the current PVC Fashy hot water bottles, suitable for a spare or replacement stopper. Unlikely to fit other brands or generic hot water bottles and also older rubber ....

  • Filling Stand Add to Basket

    Filling Stand

    £12.75 £9.99

    Very useful filling stand for holding hot water bottles. Simple to use and ideal for anyone that needs a steady hand or help in filling the bottle correctly. Clear Perplex stand with a stopper holder ....

    Sold Out

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