Stoppers and Accessories

A selection of the most popular accessories, spares and stoppers for our range of hot water bottles.   Before ordering a stopper check the brand name and type of bottle manufacturer to compare with the stoppers listed below.   Most stopper are not generic, many are a specific fit to a brand and size of the bottle.   Production techniques have improved greatly, manufacturers have patented designs so only their stopper is a perfect fit, it may seem over-engineered but handling hot water safely requires only the best in design and production.

Measurements for all stoppers are listed, just open each page for more details.   Please check and double check sizing before ordering - stoppers are not generic.   If your brand of stopper is not listed or you have an unbranded generic bottle it is best to return to the original supplier for the stopper.

  • Rubber Seal Stopper Add to Basket

    Rubber Seal Stopper

    £5.25 £4.49

    This stopper is a replacement stopper for our range of classic rubber pink, cream, blue and purple hot water bottles in 2.0 litre size and 750ml size.   It will not fit any other size, type or ....

  • No Seal Stopper Add to Basket

    No Seal Stopper

    £5.25 £4.49

    This stopper does NOT have a rubber seal, it is a replacement stopper for a newer range that is manufactured without a rubber seal.   It will not fit bottles that have a rubber seal.   We ....

  • Fit Coronation Bottle Only Add to Basket

    Fit Coronation Bottle Only

    £5.25 £4.49

    This stopper is a replacement stopper for Coronation brand rubber hot water bottles.   It will not fit any size, type or colour of bottle that is on Lovehotwaterbottles.   Coronation bottles....

  • Fit Fashy Only Add to Basket

    Fit Fashy Only

    £5.25 £4.49

    This stopper is a replacement stopper for Fashy PVC hot water bottles.   Please note stoppers must be like for like for a perfect fit, they may all look the same but they are not a generic fit. ....

  • Filling Stand

    Filling Stand

    £12.75 £9.99

    Very useful filling stand for holding hot water bottles.   Simple to use and ideal for anyone that needs a steady hand or help in filling the bottle correctly.   Clear Perplex stand with a ....

    Sold Out

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