Hot Water Bottles Have Changed

So you may think the headline is crazy having looked in the local supermarket only to see the same old hot water bottles. But, and there is always a but, with online shopping things have changed a great deal.  Take a look at Love Hot Water Bottles and you’ll see exactly what has happened, the old hot water bottle has evolved! Now colours are matched to bedroom decor and latest trends in fashions are appearing on hot water bottle covers.

New Hot Water Bottle

Choice has never been better with more and more colours, styles, types and sizes coming into the market each season.

The traditional rubber hot water bottle will always be around in good old fashioned blue and red colours. On top of this newer colours on rubber have arrived with soft pastels and rich deep purple making bold statements. PVC hot water bottles have the advantage of being either transparent or just about any shade or texture desired. With transparent you can see exactly how much water is inside and some even have very clever fish (not real ones!) that change colour when the temperature is right. PVC is ideal to make all sorts of colours and textures, even heart or football shapes.

Microwavable Hotties

Microwavable Hotties

Then there are the hotties, microwaveable hot water bottles. Now very popular and the choice is even bigger with animal ones proving to be the favourite with kids. Of course these don’t replace traditional hot water bottles but give more options, it’s not always handy to carry a bottle around so microwave hot water bottles are ideal.

Want something for the kids, the choice has never been better. So many fun cuddly toy warmers that just keep changing every season. For this year see our kids hot water bottles. Continue reading