Why we all need Giants

Giant Hot Water Bottle

OK, so what’s so special about a giant, is big really better?

Well that depends, if you’re on the move in the car or at work perhaps you don’t want a giant sitting on your lap (we have mini ones for that) but on the sofa or tucked up in bed that’s another thing altogether. A hot water bottle with a third more surface area you can heat up a third more of the bed or sofa or wherever you want to use it.  We love these as they offer something that a normal size just can’t do and that is to up the heat output.  To get the larger heating area meant increasing the liquid capacity up from 1.8 litre, this is the size of a standard 2.0 litre hot water bottle up to 2.3 litre.  Now I know it sounds confusing, it says on the tin it is 2.5 litre so how do get to 2.3 litre.  Well never fill to the top, always leave a space, expel the air carefully before adding the stopper.  The same with a standard 2.0 litre only it’s not really 2.0 litre but nearer 1.8 litre.  So with a massive 2.3 litre of hot water the bottle will stay warmer for longer and since good quality ones have higher rubber content that the budget ones in discount supermarkets they will stay hotter for longer.

Now the latest news, Jumbo bottles have arrived.  We knew the 2.7 litre was big, so how about the new upgraded 3.0 litre hot water bottle, even better.  These will not have a handle, just too large and too much water to carry by a handle.  But, there is something extra, a hanging hook top and bottom, one to drain the bottle and the other to hang up when not in use.  Two colours, red and orange, plain structured surface for maximum heat, not that you’ll feel the cold with these massive upgrades.

As a sustainable natural renewable product rubber is highly elastic and lends itself to mould with you, ideal to snuggle up to.

Here’s when a giant hot water bottle comes into its own.  Forget cold chilly nights or days, this have an impressive heating area, heavy weight and ribbed both sides to gently defuse heat.

Want to carry your hot water bottle around, no problem, it’s got a very useful carrying handle on the side.
Want a choice of colour, again, no problem, red, blue or cream.
Want a cover on it, you guessed, no problem, they come with or without a cover, you choose just how you want to use your hot water bottle.  Covers are super soft velour like fleece, we call it cuddlesoft.  These are from our made in Britain of high quality covers at very affordable prices.  Many of the budget fleece covers are imported from China and made to a strict low budget for the high street.  By using British manufacturing we can improve the quality, not just a little better but at least double the quality of the cheap imports which means these wash and wear and last and last.  Also the colour of fabric and style is more in keeping with UK trends.  It’s a win win for everyone and our regular customers know what to expect on quality.


Jade Large Hot Water Bottle

Finally a decent sized hot water bottle for when you really need one, it’s more than capable for any occasion. Extremely safe and reliable backed with a 2 year warranty, manufactured to latest British Standard BS1970: 2012.

Stay warm as toast this winter and join the land of the giants.

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  1. We have purchased enough hot water bottles and covers for our household. Really good to know they are made locally in the UK and have not costed more than those that have travelled hundreds of miles from Asia.
    We are sure to return and order for friends’ birthdays and Christmas. Might select a photo for a “personalised cover” to surprise a mate who would never admit to owning a hot water bottle!

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