Has the world gone mad, my hot water bottle has changed shape?

Yep, it’s happened, we can longer rely on the good old fashioned hot water bottle shape, they now make all shapes and size, what’s going on?

Standard Hot Water Bottle

We all knew where we stood with a good reliable rubber hot water bottle in blue, green or if you dared to dream even red.  Then along came pink, turquoise, cream and even mustard.  Just get used to those then some smart guys in Germany develop a thermoplastic hot water bottle.  OK, so these are nicer colours and even transparent but they them make some in heart shape – cute.

Heart Shaped Hot Water Bottle

To add to the confusion somebody decided it would be interesting to have a hot water bottle in miniature, yes, mini hot water bottles.  Then along came square shape as apparently, they are easier to use with soft toys.  So, you get a soft toy like a teddy bear and shove a hot water bottle in its belly.  What happens when that wears out, and it will as it’s made of rubber (perishable) so you’re left with your child’s favourite soft toy and no bottle.  So, we have to have square hot water bottles now or the little darlings will never forgive you.

Mini Hot Water Bottle

Suddenly out of nowhere everyone has gone long, why do we need another shape?  Not only are there long hot water bottles but some are longer than others, that’s confusing.  The cut down versions in discount stores are short, long (I know it doesn’t make sense) to get discounters to a low price point.  The full-length ones hold the same amount of water as a standard bottle.  The cut down long bottles have less than half.  Forget the cut down long bottles as these are only for the discount guys and don’t really add anything except a budget price tag on a long bottle that is not long and kind of misses the point.  The real reason for a long bottle is to wrap it around your waist or spread it out inside the bed, diagonally.  That gives the full benefit, anything else is just a cheat and really a waste of money as it falls short of what you can do with a proper long hot water bottle.

Long Hot Water Bottle

So, has it now settled down, well, no?  Eco warriors want eco bottles.  The same guys that brought us all thermoplastic bottles have now developed eco hot water bottles made from cane sugar crop. Sort of the same shape as a traditional bottle but rigid and slightly smaller, has a different feel to it.  No plasticisers or PVC used and made with the Finneck Foundation providing a safe work for people with disabilities.

Eco Hot Water Bottle

With all the changes what hasn’t change is people, the best-selling bottles are still the good old traditional shape and the question is why?  The classic hot water bottle shape is universally known around the world, it packs a mighty 2 litre of hot water which is enough to last inside a bed all night without going stone cold. Easy to carry, fill and huge when you need instant heat, what’s not to like, young and old alike.

We’re running out room with all the different sizes, types and colours, everyone wants choice these days and who are we to argue, if you want it, we’ll just find room for more.