Back to Basics

Back to Nature

The current trend to grow your own veg, knit, sew, bake is taking us all to days before convenience foods and fast fashion clothes that had been worn once and binned.

Cooking from scratch, or for those who are been around long enough will remember it used to be called cooking.  There was no scratch to it, even some ready mix recipes could be called plain old cooking.

Growing vegetables was dependant on having access to a patch of land, allotment, back garden or raised beds.  Even if it was only some herbs or single crop many had something they could readily grow, even in a clay pot on the windowsill, it was always and still is possible.

Clothes had been expensive, fast fashion with cheap nylon fabrics and sweat shop imports have artificially changed the landscape.  A decent pair of trousers that would last for years and cost a few days wages now cost a couple hours of wages and last a few months before fading, snagging or losing its shape before ending up in landfill.

On the plus side there is a growing trend for things that served us well for many years and now finding new younger users.  Thankfully the good old fashion hot water bottle is one of the survivors in this modern digital age.  We all know just how comforting they are to use but it’s often forgotten just how economical and green they are.  Rather than switching the central heating boiler on a day when there is just a chill in the air it makes more sense to have a hot water bottle on your lap or take one to bed and keep the boiler off saving energy.

Back to basics is a good way to reconnect with the things that actually work and work well, it’s why the humble hot water bottle is still here today.  Those that tried electric blankets in the 70’s and 80’s will know just how stifling they can be, the heat is from top to toe, many swelter in an artificial tropical climate under the sheets, what we really need is just our feet kept warm or a warm bottle to snuggle up to.  It’s why the market today is growing in choice, there are the new long ones, latex allergy free types, foot warmers (yes it actually has a bottle inside), neck warmers and of course we all love our rubber hot water bottle.

Back to Basics

This latest COVID-19 epidemic has amplified and accelerated the back to basics journey, with shopping trips off the cards and less places to visit we are turning our homes into a sanctuary.  Home comforts, cooking (forget the scratch) it’s still just plain old cooking, sewing, gardening if you are able, we’re making our home right for us to live well and for many that home now includes the humble hot water bottle.