Joy of Made in Britain

Made in Britain, surely all hot water bottle covers are from China these days? Well no, at Love Hot Water Bottles we support British manufacturing not just because it is a good thing to do but also because we get fast quality production on fashion fabrics. We all understand that not everything can be manufactured in the UK and some goods are better made where the raw material is harvested saving on air miles.  In today’s socially aware society there can be some hidden benefits from bringing manufacturing back to UK.  Not counting the benefit of speed of light production lead times and shorter production runs which offer a huge advantage there is the benefit of support to local community.  Our manufacturing partners not only employ local skilled workers but buy materials locally, they support other local trades with maintenance, machinery, office support and of course pay rates and taxes that directly support national and local projects.

Donated Quilts for Children’s Hospitals

One area often not seen is how local charities gain from UK manufacturing, it’s not just about money but raw materials that provide a great deal of pleasure and reward for charity groups.  One such group scoops up left over material from hot water bottle covers and turns them into beautifully made quilts.  The quilts are donated to children’s hospitals, each quilt is individual so mums can easily identify their baby. The material used is remnants, odds and ends and end of line, all good quality that would otherwise end up in landfill but here locally we have the support group to make good use of this regular free material.  The range of fabric changes each hot water bottle season to bring ranges up to date with latest fashion trends, this means a constant flow of new fabric making these quilts unique each and every year.  It brings joy to everyone in the chain, made in Britain is not just about bringing skills back to UK it’s also about sharing with local community.