My favourite hot water bottle

There is a sadness to having to say goodbye to your trusted old hot water bottle especially if it’s been with you for years.  Here at Love HotWaterBottles we get emails all the time asking us to help find the identical bottle or replacement stopper and we even had a request for a puncture repair kit.

Heart Hot Water Bottle

It’s not that we don’t want to keep that identical replacement in stock all the time, we would if rubber was not a perishable item.  That favourite bottle may be quite a few years old, we’ve had requests for bottles from 1996 manufacture, I know time flies but over 20 years between bottles is pushing your luck.

Frog Hot Water Bottle

The safety British Standard is BS1970, and the 1970 is not the year, it’s just the allocated number.  Your favourite old bottle may have been purchased years ago and used for many years so already out of production.  Reputable manufactures apply British Standard, CE and now EU approved TÜV independent testing which makes it even harder to find your old favourite bottle as an old hot bottle can lack the independent test certification.

Elvis Hot Water Bottle

It has always been a good gift to give and receive, so we know that a hot water bottle gifted from a loved one can be hard to bin but they wear out, often from the inside out so may look OK but inside are shedding layers.

There is no nice way to put this, but that old favourite bottle is probably years out of production, going soft inside and potentially dangerous. Be brave, see the positive and look forward to a newer, brighter and more secure hot water bottle.  Production techniques improve all the time, colours are more vibrant, fabrics wash and wear better and many stoppers are now patented for added protection. 

Neon Pink Hot Water Bottle