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0.8L Round Latex Double Ribbed

Round hot water bottle small enough to fit into a handbag or carry around for work or long journeys.   Handy size for when you need some warmth on the move or when all that is needed is a small heating area to warm up the joints and banish the cold.   Both sides are ribbed giving diffused warmth with gentle release of heat that lasts for hours.   Traditionally manufactured in latex using the latest production process for the highest quality in the market today.   A good quality rubber hot water bottle retains heat much longer than budget or non-rubber alternatives.   Rubber is a sustainable natural renewable product that is highly elastic and lends itself to mould with you, perfect to cuddle up to.

Worth remembering that a good quality rubber bottle will not only keep it's heat much longer than budget or non-rubber alternatives but it is also warmer to the touch with a pleasant feel.   These are great value for money, made with a high rubber content for everyday use in the home or on the move.   Extremely safe and reliable, backed with a two year manufacturer warranty.   Manufactured to latest British Standard 1970:2006 and carry a 2 year guarantee.

First added to 2017 winter season catalogue of rubber hot water bottle ranges, round 800ml is a very difficult size and shape to find in today's mass market products.   Latest news, stocks are low and will run out very soon.   Don't leave it too late.

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  • Question:  I am looking to replace a hot water bottle from a sheep cover. Can you suggest one that is very close in size? It needs to be smaller if anything since it needs to fit inside the cover and the current one is a snug fit.

    Answer:  The hot water bottles that are generally put into padded animal covers are 750ml or sometimes 1.0L. The 750ml size is more common for animal covers, these are more square shape as they fit better. Its worth noting that over time a bottle may stretch or balloon with use and when new it could be slightly different. Also best not to have it too tight to allow for the water.


  • Question:  Will you be restocking this item?

    Answer:  Sorry to disappoint but this round size hot water bottle has sold out, we looking to find a replacement and hopefully soon will get one up and running but this one will never return, any new size would be a new product.


  • Question:  Hi, Are you going to restock the 0.8L Round Latex Hot Water Bottle? And if not, do you have any other round hot water bottles in stock? Thanks,

    Answer:  Thank you for getting in touch and sorry to disappoint you but this line sold out a few years ago. The factories change and update ranges, this was only around for 3 years. We are also revising our range to offer more sustainable products, on rubber these are now plasticiser free. The only hot water bottle near the round type is our heart shaped, we are not expecting to have a round bottle this year.




  • •   Manufactured to exceed British Standard 1970

  • •   2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

  • •   Recyclable High Grade Rubber

  • •   Traditional Natural Rubber

  • •   Ribbed Both Sides

  • •   Size: Length 23 cm x Width 18 cm

  • •   Weight: 195 grams

  • •   0.7 Litre Capacity

Reviews for 0.8L Round Latex Double Ribbed

  • Miss E - Tuesday, 5th February 2019

    Great little HWB, not too tiny but perfect for travelling. Seems to be decent quality.

  • Elisabeth - Friday, 11th January 2019

    Absolutely gorgeous little hot water bottle, silky smooth rubber and very well-finished seams. I got this for camping since the .8l round weighed the same as the .5l rectangular bottle so for the same pack weight I will have more hot water. Slightly more rubber smell than the Vagabond but still subtle.

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