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2.0L Cream Single Ribbed Latex Free

2.0 litre cream buttermilk hot water bottle made from latex allergy free PVC, odourless and rubber-free, ideal for anyone with a latex allergy or if you are not keen on the smell of rubber.   Ribbed on one side with a cross hatch pattern on the reverse giving the best of both worlds.   Ribbed side gently releases diffused natural heat and when needed turn over to the plain side for increased warmth that will last for hours.   This cream Fashy bottle also has a jointless neck for added strength and a much wider neck opening making it easier to pour and help to prevent spills.

Fashy have been manufacturing in Germany since 1976 consistently improving their exceptionally high quality thermoplastic hot water bottle, now in the homes of over 70 countries around the globe.   Beautifully made with excellent craftsmanship, comfort and safety for everyday use backed with a two year warranty.   Manufactured to exceed British Standard BS1970, conforms to CE and ISO 9001.   Single ribbing adds extra protection to this regular sized classic design bottle in traditional buttermilk colour, very versatile, can be used on its own or with a cover if you already have your own or choose a new one from our range of Made in Britain, we have fleece, padded and cotton mix.

Please note the brilliance fade proof colour is subject to variations, each production batch is slightly different.   The picture shown is a guide only, allow for variations to the tone and shade, we cannot guarantee an exact match.

Latest cream style and colour introduced into our single ribbed hot water bottle winter season catalogue.

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  • Question:  Are these made in Germany or just sent from Germany

    Answer:  Fashy have been manufacturing in Germany for over 40 years and these bottles are shipped to our warehouse straight from the factory.


  • Question:  Will you be getting in more of these Fashy 2.0L CREAM Single Ribbed Latex Free hot water bottles?

    Answer:  These single ribbed are Fashy way to use up material left over from the weeks manufacturing to produce single ribbed. They produce various colours every week shades and tones will differ weekly according to the material left over. Sometimes we get none, sometimes a few and we can even receive loads, it all depends on the material left over for that particular week, it varies a great deal. Sorry I can't be more specific but we have stock arriving from Germany on a regular basis, best to put this on your watch list and when it's back grab one.




  • •   Manufactured to exceed British Standard 1970

  • •   2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

  • •   Latex allergy free, odourless and recyclable

  • •   Can be steam sterilised

  • •   Large easy fill opening prevents spilling

  • •   Size: Length 32 cm x Width 19 cm

  • •   Weight: 350 grams

  • •   1.8 litre capacity

  • •   EAN 4008339598454

Reviews for 2.0L Cream Single Ribbed Latex Free

  • Lesley - Wednesday, 8th May 2024

    Absolutely thrilled with my hot water bottle. This gismo has completely transformed the way I sleep. No more central heating late at night, I switch it off an hour before bed and take my hot water bottle to keep me warm. It's incredibly easy to use, doesn't smell and best of all has saved me money. This is a game changer for a good night's sleep.

  • Bob - Monday, 19th February 2024

    I bought this bottle 4 weeks ago and have used it daily since. Very pleased with the quality of the product.

  • Rob - Thursday, 13th April 2023

    Huge choice, in the end went for neutral colour, so glad I did, excellent bottle, not seen one like this for years and years. Thanks

  • Roderick - Thursday, 19th January 2023

    Nice bottle.

  • Elaine - Monday, 24th October 2022

    Never have been good with a hot water bottle, always find they smell or look grubby. Well this hot water bottle is perfect. I have always used a rubber one but tried this once to see the difference. This is so different, no pong, I can hold it to up close to my face and have no nasty smell, perfect. Better still it has a very big hole to pour water in and so easy to do, after two weeks I have changed my mind and never buying a rubber one again. Really do recommend this bottle.

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