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Puppy hot water bottle with 1.0 litre traditional latex rubber bottle inside. Good size with plenty of padding gives these donkey's a very soft and luxurious feel. Velcro opening at the back gives easy access the 1.0 litre rubber hot water bottle tucked away inside. This large puppy has a fluffy coat, soft to the touch and very tactile.
Unique design, makes a great gift or just treat yourself!

Several puppies and dog hot water bottles in this seasons ranges.

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  • Question:  Hi there! So, I have had this hot water bottle cover (The Puppy) for a couple of years now and I beyond love it but I see its sold out at the mo. Im just wondering when it will be back in stock as I want to get it ASAP! Thanks in advance!

    Answer:  Our new season starts in September, we have new animal hot water bottles arriving in August. Designs and material change every season, hopefully the new puppy will be even better!




  • •   Manufactured to British Standard 1970:2006

  • •   Washable and easy care

  • •   2 Year Manufacture's Guarantee

  • •   For 3 years and upwards

  • •   Generous size

  • •   Size: Length 50cm x Width 32m

  • •   Weight: 690 grams

  • •   1.0L rubber hot water bottle

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