1.6L Eco Friendly Blue

New GreenLine bio based hot water bottle made from renewable sugar cane and free of plasticisers and PVC in blue fleece cover.
In cooperation with the Finneck Foundation providing a safe work for people with disabilities Fashy have created a sustainable product. These environmentally friendly bio based bottles are rigid and are not flexible or mould to body shape.

Pink fleece cover is Oeko-Tex tested and certified to be clear of any harmful substances to ensure a pure and eco-friendly product. Very different to a traditional rubber bottle and with a quality feel to it. Guaranteed quality, Fashy brand is made in Germany to exceptionally high specifications. Manufactured to ISO 9001 with a 2 year factory guarantee and latex and phthalate free.

Latest style and colour introduced for 2017 winter season.


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  • •   2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee, ISO 9001

  • •   Latex allergy free hot water bottle

  • •   Rigid odourless recyclable bottle

  • •   Large easy fill opening prevents spilling

  • •   Oeko-Tex tested cover

  • •   Size: Length 35cm x Width 20cm

  • •   Weight: 240 grams

  • •   1.5 Litre capacity

Reviews for 1.6L Eco Friendly Blue

  • Nina - Tuesday, 28th November 2017

    I'm very pleased with the quality of this hot water and how eco-friendly and socially responsible it is. Two things stopped me giving it 5 stars: 1) You can't buy it on its own, without a cover (I have a good wool cover and just needed a replacement bottle), and 2) It is a rigid bottle and not soft - I know this is mentioned in the description, so I was expecting it, but it is a bit uncomfortable compared to a soft rubber bottle. Still, it warms the bed and I can put up with the hardness of it as it's so much healthier and more eco-friendly than a bottle with PVC content. Also, the rigidity does make it easier to fill.

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