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0.8L Elephant Bottle

Children's 0.8 litre size hot water bottle in soft fleece material with a cute elephant motif design on one side and plain on the back.   Fleece cover has detailed design and is Oeko-Tex tested and certified to be clear of any harmful substances to ensure a pure and eco-friendly product.   Fleece has always been the popular choice, soft and warm to cuddle up to and since these are from Fashy they only use high quality anti-pill material for the best possible finish.   It is also easy care, fully machine washable and hard wearing, it will wear and wash well.   Top stretch neck opening to gain access to the small PVC bottle inside with a larger than normal stopper for easy fill up and ready to use and the bottle can be taken out to steam sterilise for added protection.   Latex allergy free 0.8 litre white plain hot water bottle inside with cross hatch pattern on both sides for maximum heat, very useful when used with a cover to evenly disperse heat that lasts for hours.

Fashy have been manufacturing in Germany since 1976 consistently improving their exceptionally high quality thermoplastic hot water bottle, now used in homes around the globe in over 70 countries.   Beautifully made with excellent craftsmanship, comfort and safety for everyday use backed with a two year warranty.   Manufactured to latest British Standard 1970:2012, conforms to CE and ISO 9001 and is also latex and phthalate free, ideal for those with a latex allergy or if you just don't like the smell of rubber.   Extremely safe and reliable, backed with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.   Supplied ready to use, please follow instructions included.

New addition for 2015 winter season mini hot water bottle ranges.   Supplied ready to use, please follow instructions included.   Latest news, stocks are low and will run out very soon.   Don't leave it too late.

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  • Question:  If I buy this can I also buy a spare hot water bottle with it?

    Answer:  This elephant cover has a small 0.8 litre bottle inside, to order a spare please go to the 'Hot water bottles only' page, scroll down to the smaller size, look for a bottle that is 0.8L, there are a few to choose from, any of these will fit the elephant cover.




  • •   2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee, ISO 9001

  • •   Latex allergy and phthalate free

  • •   Odourless and recyclable

  • •   Can be steam sterilised

  • •   Large easy fill opening prevents spilling

  • •   Size: Length 26 cm x Width 16 cm

  • •   Weight: 200 grams

  • •   0.7 Litre capacity

Reviews for 0.8L Elephant Bottle

  • Beth - Thursday, 14th January 2016

    Very cute. My granddaughter loves it, lovely thing.

  • Harry - Friday, 18th December 2015

    Excellent Item delivered quickly.

  • Jess - Tuesday, 20th October 2015

    My son is mad on elephants and I saw the elephant hotwater bottle and thought it was perfect for him. I ordered it Monday and it arrived on Wednesday. My son loves using his elephant bottle every night, he has to watch me it fill up!

  • Marcia - Thursday, 20th August 2015

    Lovely and soft, so easy to fill and gets very hot for a small hot water bottle. Would buy this type again.

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