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Filling Stand

Very useful filling stand for holding hot water bottles.   Simple to use and ideal for anyone that needs a steady hand or help in filling the bottle correctly.   Clear Perplex stand with a stopper holder allowing the user to keep a steady hold of the bottle and fill to the correct level.   Place the stand on a level surface, unscrew the stopper taking care to hold by the neck of the bottle and either slot it into the readymade stopper holder or set aside.   Slide the bottle into the place with the opening at the top and rest the bottom on the base of the stand.   Read instructions on filling and fill with water as per instructions remembering to leave a gap, never fill to the very top.   Expel surplus air and replace the stopper (finger tight) before removing and it will be ready to use.   Take care to avoid spills and keep away from oil or grease.

Made by Fashy of Germany but will fit most regular 2.0 litre size, to read more see hot water bottle safety information.   Fashy have been manufacturing in Germany since 1976 consistently improving the exceptionally high quality thermoplastic bottles, now in the homes of over 70 countries around the globe.   Beautifully made with excellent craftsmanship, comfort and safety for everyday use backed with a two year warranty.

Sorry, product has been discontinued by manufacturer.


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  • Question:  Hi my mum has had a stroke and cannot fill up her hot water bottle as she has lost the use of her right side. Would she be able to use this with her one hand? Is it safe?

    Answer:  The instructions are to fit the bottle into stand and fill as normal and tighten the stopper, the stand holds the bottle whilst filling. If she cannot use a kettle it is best to use hot water from a tap and place the stand underneath a kitchen tap where you would have space and position the bottle as close to the tap as you can. Water from a kettle is better as there are impurities in tap water that can degrade a hot water bottle. Always leave the kettle to cool before using. There are many different types and size bottles on the market, this stand is made by Fashy Germany to fit a 2.0L Fashy bottle.




  • •   Holds a standard 2 litre sized bottle

  • •   Built-in stopper holder

  • •   Simple to use

  • •   Use on a flat surface

  • •   Size: Length 26.5cm x Width 19cm

  • •   Weight: 510 grams

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