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Ladybird Heat Cushion

Ladybird microwave soft toy warmer, ideal as gift for children and a great alternatives to a traditional hot water bottle.   Cosy plush adorable animals that make perfect playtime companions in the daytime and ideal warming soft toys at night.   Really fluffy fleece, generous in size, fabulous design colour and beautifully made, contains specially treated wheat grains for use time and time again.   Contains rape seeds gently scented with lavender that have been thermally treated to retain natural hygienic properties.   Manufactured by Intelex to British safety standard BS8433:2004 and European toy safety standard EN71-1/2/3.   Plush range of characters and friendly animals from around the world, quality heatable soft toy with lavender scent from Intelex.

Just follow the instructions supplied to reheat in the microwave (90 seconds up to a 1000W microwave), duck will stay cosy and warm for up to 2 hours.   For hygiene just clean the surface with a damp sponge, heating will not make the colour run.   Ideal alternatives to traditional rubber or PVC, very safe to use and avoids any risk to scolding with hot water making it suitable for the young or old.

New addition to our animal microwavable wheat packs for 2013/14 winter season.   Latest update, stocks are running low.

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  • Question:  Is the cover removable and what is it made from?

    Answer:  These covers are not removable on the ladybird heat cushion. The microwave wheat pack is stitched inside and lavender scented, the cover is polyester fleece. To clean the ladybird please dampen a sponge with some soap and water and gently go over any areas that require a clean. It is not advisable to put this into a washing machine or get the whole ladybird heat pack wet. There are other soft toy warmers with self-sealing opening to access a linen wheat bag, this type has a removable cover that is fully machine washable. Currently we have a Fashy ladybird microwave rape cushion that is made in Germany and the inner wheat bag can be removed. This product from Intelex is made in China and has now been discontinued, we do not expect it to return but there are more new heat cushions arriving in September. Our new season ranges of children microwave hot wheat soft toys start arriving from August onwards, stocks tend to only last one season so if you see something you like please snap it up quickly they may not be around for long.


  • Question:  When will you have more. Autistic 5 year old has a much loved one but will very soon need a new one. Others aren't as effective

    Answer:  We had these quite few years ago, they are made in Germany and these change each season. Currently we have clownfish, shaun the sheep and a cow heat packs, we’re not expecting ladybird for this season. It might however come back but the fabrics from the mills change so it would look different. Might be worth trying auction sites to see if you can get a replacement.




  • •   2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

  • •   Manufactured to British Standard BS 8433:2004

  • •   Toy Safety Standard EN71-1/2/3/9

  • •   Can be reheated thousands of times

  • •   Suitable for 3 years and upwards

  • •   Size: Length 37 cm x Width 32 cm

  • •   Weight: 810 grams

Reviews for Ladybird Heat Cushion

  • Granny Mo - Tuesday, 24th September 2013

    Very cute, lovely design, my granddaughter adores it.

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