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2.0L Funky Love Heart Cover

Stripped funky fleece cover with striking red heart motif in centre design, an ideal size to fit a regular sized 2.0 litre hot water bottle, perfect for snuggling up to with its velvet soft fleece.   Top opening to tuck the bottle inside that allows easy access to the stopper to fill up safely without removing it.   This funky love heart cover is manufactured here in the UK, we use only the highest quality luxury fleece that is easy care, fully washable and durable.   Amazing value for a quality British product, as these are locally made each batch is unique giving a slight pattern variation when cut and sent to the seamstress.

Traditional fleece covers have always been a staple classic, soft and warm to cuddle up to and not only maintains heat but also evenly disperses heat that lasts for hours.   Good quality covers help prevent a hot water bottle being too hot to touch and offer more varied options and different ways to keep warm.   Always best to have a good fit for comfort and it's why we mainly use stretch material so the fit is not too tight but loose enough to handle with ease.   The materials from the mills change frequently, we can't guarantee they will be in stock for long, often we change colour and designs several times each year and with most new materials coming on stream at the beginning of the winter season.

Update the cover for your bottle or why not choose a new one from our wide range of traditional rubber or the latest latex allergy free in PVC made to exceed British Standard BS1970.   Range of other quality funky print covers are available in both standard and small sizes, please note this does not ship with a hot water bottle.

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  • Question:  I bought this hot water bottle from Amazon a few years ago and want to replace it, will you be getting more in?

    Answer:  This is a hot water bottle from 2012 which has now been discontinued and very unlikely to find it on Amazon, eBay or any shop, if you did it would have an old rubber hot water bottle inside.   Always best to go for the latest ranges to get the newest hot water bottle included.




  • •   2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

  • •   Washable, easy care

  • •   Size: Length 36 cm x Width 20.5 cm

  • •   Weight: 50 grams

  • •   Fit a regular 2 litre

  • •   Made in Britain

  • •   Top Opening

Reviews for 2.0L Funky Love Heart Cover

  • Irene - Friday, 21st July 2023

    Looks hand made, good price since it was on sale at the time.

  • Monica - Sunday, 18th October 2020

    With my arthritis I get through a lot of bottles, this is one of my favourite, the cover is very thick and the bottle stays hot a long time.

  • Sarah - Wednesday, 14th October 2020

    Very nice

  • Rob - Friday, 14th February 2020

    Bought this to replace my old cover that ripped. Fits but is tight getting on but does the job nicely.

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