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Royal Blue Snowflake

Royal blue knitted snowflake hot water bottle in Royal blue knit with white snowflakes across the front and back, perfect to warm up to on cold nights.   Traditional knitted covers have always been a staple classic, soft and warm to cuddle up to and evenly disperses heat that lasts for hours.   It is also easy care, fully machine washable and hard wearing, these are designed to wear and wash well.   Features a top opening to gain access to the traditional rubber 2.0 litre rubber bottle inside for easy filling and emptying.   By using traditional high quality latex coupled with high rubber content and ribbing on both sides to diffuse natural warmth these stay toasty warm for hours, ideal on a cold winter night to keep the chill away.

Worth remembering that a good quality rubber hot water bottle will not only keep it's heat much longer than budget or non-rubber alternatives but it is also warmer to the touch with a pleasant feel.   Rubber is a sustainable natural renewable product that is highly elastic and lends itself to mould with you, perfect to cuddle up to.   These are great value for money, made with high rubber content for longer life and better insulation.   Extremely safe and reliable, manufactured to exceed British Standard BS1970 and backed with a two year manufacturer warranty.   Supplied ready to use, features a turtle neck opening to gain access to the stopper for easy fill, please follow instructions included.

Snowflakes in blue knit is a new addition to our 2015 knitted hot water bottle ranges.   Latest news, stocks are low and will run out very soon.   Don't leave it too late.

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  • Question:  Is the neck fully enclosed on the bottle?

    Answer:  This has a turtle neck or roll neck, it is open at the top to allow easy access to the stopper and filling up with hot water, the top of the bottle is not fully enclosed.




  • •   2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

  • •   Manufactured to exceed British Standard 1970

  • •   Recyclable High Grade Rubber

  • •   Washable

  • •   Size: Length 34 cm x Width 20 cm

  • •   Weight: 425 grams

  • •   1.8 Litre capacity

Reviews for Royal Blue Snowflake

  • Paula - Monday, 13th March 2023

    Without doubt worth every penny although I did get it on sale at a good price. The best part is it has the real rubber washer that many don't have on the tip, you just don't see them anymore. The pattern is good, not that fussed, being disabled I use my hot water bottle a lot. Normally the shop ones last 20 to 30 weeks, this is much heavier and better made than those. The only reason I bought online is the shop ones are terriable, I used to be able to find a decent one in my local hardware store but even they said they can't get the decent ones anymore.

  • Jean - Friday, 3rd March 2023

    OK, another hot water bottle, nothing different or specail, only bought it as it was on at a cheap price. Should have got a couple, see they are now finished, no worry.

  • Linda - Saturday, 15th February 2020

    Normal hot water bottle, I would recommend this product.

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